Surface Wallpapers
14 December, 2019 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Surface Wallpapers Microsoft   In 2019, Six N. Five received a dream proposal to design all the wallpapers for the new Microsoft Surface devices. It was an honor to work on a project that would place our designs in devices all around the world. Client: MicrosoftCreative Direction: Samuel Clarke & Six N. FiveImagery design by Six N. Five3D by Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel PiniInitial Sketches by Massimo Colonna, Al Mefer, Aaron Westwood, Fede KannoProject Manager: Ines Palmas Product Images provided by Microsoft.

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Givenchy. Eden
10 December, 2019 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Six N. Five these two videos having the pleasure to work with Givenchy and featuring their recently launched collection of EDEN bags. Two flower metamorphosis evoking temptation and desire through mysterious alchemy of bold graphics, sinuous lines, and exotic finishes. Client: Givenchy Art Direction and design: Six N. Five 3D Animation Direction: Matias Furno 3D Design: Joan Garcia Pons, Federico Kanno, Ezequiel Pini 3D Modelling: Jordi Cerdà Gaya Sound Design: Facu Capece  

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OPPO A11 – Press Release
10 July, 2019 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

By taking to heart the consumer attitude of “born to stand out” and weaving the new product features into the fabric of the visuals, we sought to drive home the full energy and essence of the new Oppo A11. Dynamic, fast, and powerful, this device was meant to be showcased in a supercharged, neon environment. Delivered in 5K Super-wide aspect. Client: Oppo China CGI Production: Yambo Studio Direction: Yambo, Mariusz Becker Creative Direction: Florian Bauman, Joan García Pons, Mariusz Becker 3D Artists: Tom Haig, Florian Bauman, Joan García Pons, Mariusz Becker Music & Sound Design: The Soundery Compisiting: Yair Morr Special Thanks: Jeff Briant  

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Vivo S1 Pro
3 July, 2019 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Yambo Studio developed full CGI Production for VIVO China. Set in a dreamlike, illusory environment, the spot sways between reality and fantasy through photorealistic details of the phone and fairytale landscapes. CREDITS Client: VIVO China Direction: Yambo, Mariusz Becker, Philip Lück 3D Artists: Mariusz Becker, Yambo, Philip Lück, Nemanja Ivanovic, Joan Garcia Pons, Leandro Beltran Animation: Philip Lück, Yambo, Leandro Beltran, Mariusz Becker, Facu Labo Phone Shading: Raphael Rau, Nemanja Ivanovic Simulations (Water & Cloth): Ezequiel Grand Hand Sculpting: Ruan Els Hands Rigging: Leandro Beltran Compositing & Colors: Yair Morr Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown, Liam Lliffe (The Soundery)    

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Samsung. Perfect Reality
10 June, 2018 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Six N. Five was called again to design more things for Samsung. This time for the new QLED 8K talking about the limits between the real world and the TV world. We have played around their tagline #PerfectReality generating two quick trips of 15 seconds where the line line between these two worlds is totally blurred and where the viewer is unsure which is real, and which is the QLED. Client: Samsung. Agency: RG/A. Agent: Eiger Agency. Art direction: Six N. Five. 3D Design: Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini, Artur de Menezes. Animation: Lalo Landa. Sound Designer: CypherAudio.  

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Rimowa. Trunk Collection
9 June, 2018 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Trunk Collection. Rimowa Six N. Five was called by Rimowa to develop full 3D animations for the new Collection called “The Trunk”. We thought about the ideas about how these suitcases were going to move and recreated the environments of museums in CGI. Six N. Five for Rimowa. 3D Design: Diego Diapolo / Joan Garcia Pons / Ezequiel Pini Sound Design: Diego Diapolo Animation: Lalo Landa

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Uber – Mohamed Salah
8 July, 2017 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

UBER Featuring MOHAMED SALAH Directed by ERNEST DESUMBILA Director of Photography KANAMÉ ONOYAMA Animation & Post-production SAUVAGE.TV Color Grading XAVI SANTOLAYA

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Nike – Neymar Jr. Mixtape
7 July, 2017 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

NIKE “Neymar JR Mixtape” Directed by ERNEST DESUMBILA  Featuring NEYMAR JR  /  Produced by SAUVAGE.TV  /  Director of Photography BORJA LÓPEZ  /  Executive Producer EVA LAFFITTE  /  Producer ANDREA RODRÍGUEZ  /  Producer LLIBERT FIGUERAS  /  Prod Manager XELL MOYA  /  Production Coordinator ELOI TORRAS  /  1 AD MÓNICA CASTILLOS  /  2 AD INÉS LUGO  /  Post-Production by SAUVAGE.TV / Edit: Lluís Murúa / 2d animation: Ricard Ubach & Angus Pepper. / 3d animation: Marc Urtasun, Joan García, Nico Zarza.   Listen to and download the mixtape below!  

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Virgin – 4G with added oomph
6 July, 2017 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

Directed by Wild In French Post-Production by    

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There Will Be Mayhem
15 March, 2017 by Joan Garcia in Advertising 0 Comments

  Directed by Ernest Desumbila  /  Post-Production by SAUVAGE.TV Music “Mortal Reminder” by PENTAKILL Featuring Ming Kay aka Clearlove7 & Henrik Hansen aka Froggen  Director of Photography: Jonathan Bruno. Edit: Lluís Murúa. Post-Production Coordinator Llibert Figueras. 2D Team Lead: Ricard Ubach & Angus Pepper. 2D Artists: Ricard Ubach, Angus Pepper, Ezequiel Cruz, Margarita Rojas, Libardo Bohorquez, Amanda Garcia. 3D Team Lead: Marc Urtasun. 3D Modeling: Jordi Cerdà. 3D Animation, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: Marc Urtasun, Jordi Cerdà. Joäo Lucas, Albert Sánchez, Joan Garcia Pons. Compositing: Nico Zarza & Pipe Camara. Sound Design: Formosa Grour. Color grading: Ignasi González at Moonlight Cinema. Special thanks to all the Riot Games team, for giving us all the material we needed. It’s a pleasure to work with professionals like them.   Making Of Stills:

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