Vivo S1 Pro

3 July, 2019 by Joan Garcia in Advertising
Vivo S1 Pro

Yambo Studio developed full CGI Production for VIVO China.
Set in a dreamlike, illusory environment, the spot sways between reality and fantasy through photorealistic details of the phone and fairytale landscapes.


Client: VIVO China
Direction: Yambo, Mariusz Becker, Philip Lück
3D Artists: Mariusz Becker, Yambo, Philip Lück, Nemanja Ivanovic, Joan Garcia Pons, Leandro Beltran
Animation: Philip Lück, Yambo, Leandro Beltran, Mariusz Becker, Facu Labo
Phone Shading: Raphael Rau, Nemanja Ivanovic
Simulations (Water & Cloth): Ezequiel Grand
Hand Sculpting: Ruan Els
Hands Rigging: Leandro Beltran
Compositing & Colors: Yair Morr
Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown, Liam Lliffe (The Soundery)



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